Sunday, October 7, 2012

day 6

the sky.

it's dark outside, but from my sink i see his figure like moving shadows. he is beside himself to see the stars. through a tunnel of glass he turns his eyes to the sky and with all eagerness this little boy's body turns still. when he gets excited his body slows as though the thrill intimidates him. he taps the lens of his telescope, touching the stars. 
i watch him and wonder when, for me, the sky turned normal. at what point did i stop seeing the stars.  outrageous, ridiculous,  radiant diamonds bursting everyday before my eyes and i can't remember the last time i starred into their endless abundance. when did i stop seeing them the way he longs to see them. fire exploding in the sky and the normalcy of it all thumps loudly in my chest. when did all this beauty lose its wonder? i wish i were like him. i wish the sky meant that much to me, again.

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Krissa said...

Beautiful, as always.