Thursday, October 11, 2012

day 10.

it rained today. and i still hear it falling outside my window. rain dropping the way it did this morning as i watched it fall from my kitchen sink. water falling, water rising, filling the earth. soaking the dryness laid doormat in the soil of my soul. and i feel it filling and i watch it falling. replenishing and reviving. the sink water splashing and the heaven water releasing. and the light spotting on sections of the mountains where clouds are dispensing. soapy water rinsing and the rain it keeps falling. keeping all things clean. the calming cadence of life being given another chance to live. the mercies of a love offering falling before my eyes and into my hands.  millions of little sprinkles softly singing, grace. grace. grace. grace. grace. grace. grace.

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charissa said...

singing grace, yes.