Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peaceful Places.

Our home is a constant work in progress. We just moved things around again for the 100th time. Sam got a good work out. Here are a few shots of my favorite spots.

My kitchen project. I bought the main wood piece at Michaels and painted it taupe and antiqued the edges. Every kitchen needs a chalk board. The verse is Ps 28:7 "The Lord is my Strength and my Shield." We've needed a little extra strength here this week as we all fought off the flu. The iron hook hangings are from Anthropologie. It is hard to see but the glasses in the center box are filled with coffee and each of the cups have a letter on them- S (for Sam). A (Anjuli). M (Manoah)- spelling SAM. Fun huh? I just realized that the other week and had to capitalize on it.

Beautiful Flowers.

I struggled trying to fill up this shelf. I searched the house and found a mixture of blue objects. My goal is to fill the blue goblet with shells Manoah and i find the next time we go to the beach.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

my first isaac.

I fed him from my breast for the last time on Monday. I laid Manoah down in his crib and at the alter. My first Isaac. I laid him down in his crib and at the alter and i walked away. I walked away. i hid my face in the arms of sam and i wept. i wept for me. i wept for Manoah...wept for the first moment i ever held him, wept for the joy i found in calming him when others could not, wept for his fingers that tugged on my hair as his tummy filled up, wept for his wondering eye that caught mine as he drank in comfort, wept for his tiny face burrowing deeply into my chest.

My first Isaac. My last feeding. My first laying down. My first letting go. My first Isaac. One week now. Manoah has forgotten. My breasts have not. they ache and pulse in pain... filled, but now to stay full. My first Isaac. my last feeding.