Sunday, April 11, 2010


there may just be a few who remember that day. the one with the orange juice, and the avocados, and the unwanted babies breath. and how our tears fell like the rain that showered us on that day. he adored her. she met him at the alter. and before God and others and me, they said they would love each other forever and ever. they promised they would. the promises of a lifetime of devotion and compassion and passion all bound in the hands of each other and their loving Savior. we sang, and they sang, and i could hear my mom singing. and we ran out to meet them... laughing. how we would laugh. and when no one was watching them danced, but i was watching.

my how beautiful she looked on that day. my how deeply he looked into her eyes. oh my, and how they loved each other on that day. and they promised they always would. and on that day 12 years ago they promised. how was it that they forgot. and many now may not remember, but i do. i remember.

Friday, March 5, 2010

460 east 6th ave.

what this home has been for me.
a place that in the most discouraging times of life, God rolled out the red carpet and said, "welcome to the home of your dreams. i see you. i know you. i love you"

a place that in the most devastating of times, God created a kingdom to absorb all of the rage, all of the tears, and all of brokenness.

a place that in the most joyous of times, God gave us a home where the candles would shine brightly from the crawford ceilings and the music would resound from the hardwood floors.

a place that after a long night up with my boys i could find rest on my porch swing and watch the neighbors pass by, with my cup of tea in hand.

a place that was given to us for a time. a place that will never be forgotten. a place that is etched into our journey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i sat alone at church on sunday. watching. looking. wondering if there was a soul in this place that my soul could connect to. i sat and i sank deeper into my chair. and then a familiar face invited me in. she looked at me and said, "it is so good to see you." i smiled, i turned back to re-engage in the worship. and i felt warm tears welling in my eyes. and i thought to myself...
it feels so good to be seen.

to love another is to see the face of God.