Friday, March 5, 2010

460 east 6th ave.

what this home has been for me.
a place that in the most discouraging times of life, God rolled out the red carpet and said, "welcome to the home of your dreams. i see you. i know you. i love you"

a place that in the most devastating of times, God created a kingdom to absorb all of the rage, all of the tears, and all of brokenness.

a place that in the most joyous of times, God gave us a home where the candles would shine brightly from the crawford ceilings and the music would resound from the hardwood floors.

a place that after a long night up with my boys i could find rest on my porch swing and watch the neighbors pass by, with my cup of tea in hand.

a place that was given to us for a time. a place that will never be forgotten. a place that is etched into our journey.


Mackenzie said...

:( i love your honest perspective. i will miss you living in that home but I know that God will still take care of you and He still sees you.

poling said...

journey. yes.