Thursday, May 29, 2008


i am done! here is my family tree project. it was simple and fun and a really reflective experience. Here it is- canvas covered in suede brown material. colorful buttons with brown embroidery thread. it is hard to see from these pics but each button holds the name of each family member from the Paschall and Maneevone side with their year of birth. The center tree is Sam, Manoah, and me and a lot of empty branches, someday to be filled with names (we hope!) In all, the project cost around 25- 30 bucks (i already had the material). It was so interesting writing all the names on each tiny button... and thinking these are names of people who have lived before me. They had full meaningful lives. They laughed, ate, cried, and played. They are my family... shared blood, traditions, and genetics. life- it is a crazy beautiful thing.
thanks for joining me on this creation journey. Love.
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my husband. the preacher.

yup. thats my husband. I'll be perfectly honest and say that he is awesome. he spoke last sunday at church and it was the best sermon i had heard in a long time. he spoke on Humanity's deepest longings. if you have some time you can listen to him too-

love you sam.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

recently i have feel as though i have been living on the outside.
i don't feel much deep inside me. i mean deep deep down where i am usually gripped by passions and convictions and truths... recently ... i just do not feel moved. I feel life from the outside. i cry, but i only feel the tears on my checks, but not my soul weeping.

this is a numbness from the inside.

i went to a concert last night and heard some really beautiful music. music. the sounds of instruments and melodies contain some profound magic that drills holes in hardened hearts and saturates even the most solid of surfaces. i guess i just felt, for a moment, my insides again and it felt really good.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

phase 2.

another taste of my family tree project.
more to come.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

made me cry :)

So i am a fanatic 'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE' fan. I love this show! It makes me really really happy. I discovered that the dancers from this show teamed up with American Idol crew and pulled off this amazing performance. Yes, it made me cry with excitement- i don't care if you judge me for my shallowness... I wept and they were happy tears :)
check it out for yourself (grab some tissue!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

family tree...

i've been contemplating for months now how to create this next project. i have wanted to make our family tree (Maneevone's and Paschall's). And like most great projects, creating this piece came to me when i wasn't even thinking about it. and when i started creating this piece in my head i tossed and turned all night with excitement. so here is a small taste of what i hope will be a beautiful project, one with deep meaning, reflecting a life time of memories... stay tuned.
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