Saturday, May 17, 2008

recently i have feel as though i have been living on the outside.
i don't feel much deep inside me. i mean deep deep down where i am usually gripped by passions and convictions and truths... recently ... i just do not feel moved. I feel life from the outside. i cry, but i only feel the tears on my checks, but not my soul weeping.

this is a numbness from the inside.

i went to a concert last night and heard some really beautiful music. music. the sounds of instruments and melodies contain some profound magic that drills holes in hardened hearts and saturates even the most solid of surfaces. i guess i just felt, for a moment, my insides again and it felt really good.

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jessica maneewan tou said...

anju..i'm glad the music cracked thru and seeped into that inner spring of anjuli-ness. love you.