Monday, May 12, 2008

made me cry :)

So i am a fanatic 'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE' fan. I love this show! It makes me really really happy. I discovered that the dancers from this show teamed up with American Idol crew and pulled off this amazing performance. Yes, it made me cry with excitement- i don't care if you judge me for my shallowness... I wept and they were happy tears :)
check it out for yourself (grab some tissue!)


Ryan and Charissa said...

you cried when Benji and that chick flipped each other around the stage, huh?
I CAN'T WAIT till the new season starts.

Kelli Henderson said...

Anjuli!! I am a HUGE fan of SYTYCD...actually went and saw them perform live when they went on tour after the show ended. It makes me so happy when it signals the beginning of summer :) Anyway, both my husband and I have been moved by that no shame in it at all! So glad to know I have a fellow fan to get excited with! :)