Sunday, October 14, 2012

day 11

i want this day to be different. to live alive to this day as though it was the last. to fill it with goodness and truth and beauty. i want to be different. and this daydream is quickly interrupted with bouncy ball wars, tantrums to tender, and feelings to wipe off the floor. i guess the reality of life being peaceful, without wrinkle or frailty isn't really life. that sleep doesn't change the heart, no different than makeup fixes the blemishes or band aids heal the hurt. we are the same until the heart meets with the maker. and all the realities of time-outs and bathroom floors and asking for forgiveness are all meant to make us different.


charissa said...

thank you for paralleling asking for forgiveness with bathroom floors. truth. said...

"feelings to wipe off the floor." Yes.
Love this so much.