Wednesday, October 17, 2012

day 13.


it's been one of those days weeks where i can't shake my tiredness. yeah... the only way to shake sleepiness is SLEEPING! right!???! but when i have two minutes to myself, instead of sleeping,  i over eat my take out Chinese, flip through channels, and random do Wikipedia searches. because here is the thing, being a mom, you are never alone.  they never. ever. leave. so it doesn't matter if you are going on day 6 of less than 5 hours of sleep a night, so tired your eyes are burning, your limbs are going numb, and hair massively disheveled, the single moment you have to yourself you fill it up with the smallest amounts of pleasure that bring the greatest amounts of instant fulfillment. so if that means watching america's next top model while downing hot cinnamon gummy bears, i'm gonna do it.

1 comment:

charissa said...

What?? Hot cinnamon gummy bears? They make that? Where have I been. Thank you for the enlightenment!