Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5

Kids strapped in their seats I wipe the sink down once more. I get low and scan the sink closely. Even when appearances look lovely, the ants will find the crumbs and invite all their friends, invading.

Cleaning is the easy part of parenting.  Making the surface appear pretty can be easily tailored to any audience, impressing. Putting on a performance to make masses pleased can be proudly produced. 
Hunting down the hearts of my children in hiding is what I fear I will miss the most. If I neglect those quiet places, they will crumble. The tiniest spaces left undiscovered will invite unwelcome invaders. Invaders breeding invaders.
So I seek them, gently peeling back their protected places. Jumping in pools and spinning in streets and eating invisible sandwiches. Inviting opportunities for our hearts to connect, for their heart to come out.

Protecting my children is about connecting with my children.

And I realize that all those things matter. Those moments that can easily be overlooked or dismissed. Those places will be found, i just hope to find them first.
(please excuse the typos. i wrote this on my iphone and in the dark)

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Krissa said...

This is great. I'm afraid of the same thing and afraid I don't spend enough time seeking out their hearts. Thanks for sharing this.