Monday, August 13, 2007

a cup of tea.

Tea somehow has a magical way of soothing my soul. A hot cup of tea is one of the first thoughts i have when i wake up. i am sure my mothers love of tea has had a profound impact on my same love for it. She not only perfected the taste of tea, but insisted that tea could only be served in a delicate tea cup (mugs were out of the question). i have recently been on the search for the perfect tea set. I saw these tea pots and cups on the Anthropologie website and loved them. the color green is so warm and inviting and the handles are so creative. this set of tea pot and tea cups are now on my wish list. i can just imagine drinking a cup of chai tea on my deck with a friend.


the nibbling marmot said...

you are CUTE.
Let's have a craft night.

I'll be in s.f. this weekend, then I really want to see you. And craft with you.

Augustus Rex said...

mmmm, sounds cozy. i wonder what you're getting for our anniversary?

Nick & Mindy said...

tea on your porch sounds nice- when can we have some?