Sunday, August 5, 2007


With bloody pooked fingers and endless broken needles, i present to you the bag of all bags. I had great ambitions to start a purse/ bag business and this was the first project i sought to complete. It was painfully difficult and maybe my business dreams have been shattered, but i had some good laughs and bellows of frustration making this piece. I'd like to thank my mom for her blessed patience in helping me with this project. And of course, thanks to my Manoah for modeling this bag for me. So anyone want to buy my first bag (baby not included) ?

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Wichit Maneevone said...

I like this very much dear.Love, Dad

malina said...

i love it! the colors are perfect. and i LOVE that bag! my address is 402 grand apt 5. 94610 :)

the nibbling marmot said...

I will buy this one from you, or your next one.
How much?