Sunday, December 2, 2012


she said she would be here in 5 minutes. and she was. she is never late. i opened the garage door and she was standing there. we both started laughing. busting up and bending over. eyes filling with tears. she said, "i've been waiting for this moment to happen." we looked at each other from head to toe. we were wearing the exact.same.outfit. same stripped shirt from target, same grey cardigan, same dark jeans, and our hair worn wavy and down. we instagramed it: twins. next stop starbucks where we ordered 2 no water, one pump of vanilla, chai tea lattes. 
our spontaneous shopping trip made me realize we are more alike than we are different. even though she eats salad and i eat junk food. even though she likes it organic and i like it processed. even though she takes essentials oils and i take tylenol. even though she likes it organized and don't mind the mess. most would think we would be unlikely friends. but friendships aren't always built on similarities, but perhaps, on shared stories. i guess that's what makes our friendship mean so much, we have the same story. we walked on a long yellow line in elementary school, we've marched down a dusty road waving flags, we've wept over broken high school hearts and stupid boys, we've had hard conversations and said sorry a few dozen times, we've waved at graduations,  we've traveled by train in the cities of Thailand, we've witnessed vows from the closest position possible,  we've watched babies born and i left her flowers when her baby went to heaven before being born.
 so i guess dressing today as twins isn't all that surprising. we've been twins for a while now.


Krissa said...
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Krissa said...

love you bff.