Saturday, December 8, 2012


i see her now like i've never seen her before. her body bent over, her movements slower, her steps more calculated, her wrinkles deeper around her eyes. slow has never been a word to describe my grandma. having traveled the world, living in india, japan, and china most of her days. years spent sharing the love of God with anyone who would listen. when she was gone she missed a lot of our lives, my life. but she was here today. she sat in the second row of tables on the left side of the room. and when i sat down after sharing at this morning's event i saw her looking at me and i knew she felt proud. and for a few seconds our eyes held each other, both filling with tears. she said, "i never knew emotional pain could be more painful than physical pain." she reached for the tissues. i saw, really saw, my grandma this morning. a morning where i shared my story before hundreds. i said a lot of words and hugged a lot of women. but i don't think i'll remember anything more clearly than the way my grandma looked at me, eyes brimming with tears and our hearts meeting in the middle.


charissa said...

yay for grandmas.

The Ryska Family said...

That was a truly special moment.

Dawn Wood said...

Lovely! So full of joy that you shared a special moment together.
You are so special, Anjuli!