Saturday, March 5, 2011


i miss it here... this blog, this tiny space. this place is a secret. i don't post it on facebook or twitter or any other form of social media. it remains a space for me and maybe 2 followers in the world, which are probably my mom and sam. i grew into myself here. i grew into an artist here. and i grew into a mom here. i created here, cried here, and struggled here. i fell in love with photography here. i guess i lived here for the first year of my son's life. i remember spending hours (not an exaggeration) on blogs... falling in love with color, design, and do-it-yourself projects. i'd spend every moment of manoah's nap scouring blogs and becoming inspired. i miss it here now. i miss who i was. i see my frailty as a young mom and striving artist. i like who i was (which is ironic because most of these entries are about how i didn't like myself!) i kind of wish i could go back to my 26 year old self and whisper in her ear,
"it is going to be alright. you will be alright." and i'd give her a hug.

hello again.


Mackenzie said...

i'd give her lots of hugs. so beautiful to hear you want to do the same. truly. (i have a feeling i'd feel the same way if i read through all my journal entries since 2004...i think you might have inspired me. surprise surprise.)

love you.

p.s. i'm a follower, too ;) as long as it doesn't make it feel too crowded.

Mrs. G said...

I miss you here was a personal and non commercial place where I would admire your family and unique DIY projects. Please visit more often :)

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