Thursday, August 7, 2008

our vineyard

(John Gorbet's grape vines)

(from our local Farmers Market)

(a vineyard in Southern France)

Recently Sam and i have been on an obsessive streak when it comes to vineyards. We have the blue prints drawn up and the spot located that will hold our future vineyard. I guess i have dreamy visions of a scene from the movie "A Walk among the Clouds." A terrible movie- which i would never recommend, all but the one scene where the whole village is together jumping bare feet on the grapes- that will someday become delicious wine. Everyone is laughing and dancing and pushing each other around- all covered in grapes! love it :) a stomping grape party- who's in? I found some old vineyard and grape pictures to inspire us all in this dream :)
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Kelley said...

man, i stopped checking your blog for like 5 minutes and all of the sudden you have all these awesome posts about vineyards, 'fun' stuff and best of all your story about sam. loved that. thanks for sharing anj.

Kelley said...

p.s.- i laughed so hard about your comments about 'walk in the clouds.' it was doomed from the start with keanu reeves as its star! ;) but the grape squishing did look fun!

Ms Moneyone said...

I was thinking the other day how people come and go in our lives. I am so grateful to have you as a constant.

Courtney said...

dude...I forgot to bring you dirt. And I barely got to see you! What's that about??? I definitely take full responsibility for it and hereby swear it will not happen again. Love you! Sorry about that dirt!