Monday, June 2, 2008

a lot for a monday.

my head fell heavy on my pillow last night. my eyes were tired and dry from many tears. i had a long day. Rachel's (a beautiful friend from college) boyfriend Joe died last week and yesterday was his memorial service. the odd thing about the sunday service was remembering how only two weeks ago, on a sunday, i sat with Rachel around my coffee table and chatted about her love for Joe. around my table i could have never imagined that only two weeks later she would be sharing those same words for Joe in front a microphone dressed in all black.

her words were spoken with such sorrow and love.

God it was a beautiful service with beautiful people and music and a beautiful message. he was an amazing man. he seemed to live a life that very few even dream of living- one filled with romance, adventures, deep relationships and endless conversations.

Last year Rachel and Joe traveled around the US and everywhere else in a van. If you have sometime take a look at their blog
You will see some of the most beautiful pictures and read some funny stories.

I met Joe once and i feel so sad that i didn't know him better. i think we could have been friends.
love you rachel.


Liza on Maui said...


Thank you for your sweet and heartfelt comments on the Johnson's blog for Joey. I'm very sure it's appreciated by Joey's family.


Mackenzie said...

i am so glad you could be there on sunday. your presence was a comfort and i know that rachel was so glad that you were there too. i gave your gift & card to Joe's sister Jaime to give to her so i'm pretty sure she got it.

i love you my to you soon.

Charissa said...

That is a lot for a Monday or any other day.

the nibbling marmot said...

I've been thinking a lot about you this week. Sending you love.